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How to Create a U-TRAIN Account 
How to Register for a course in U-TRAIN

Training Request Form and Information

Local, County and Tribal Jurisdiction Emergency Managers may request FEMA and other emergency management related courses by completing a Training Request Form.

2021 Training Request Form (for courses to be held in the 2021 calendar year)

To request an AH-IMT Position Specific Course please complete the Training Request form above, as well as this application.

Community Awareness – 8 Signs of Terrorism Training Request Form

Instructions for Hosting a Course


Emergency Management Institute (EMI) Application (FEMA Form 119-25-1) – Submit to Kris Repp (STO)

EMI has moved to Online Applications- Online Admissions information

EMI Online Application

How to obtain a FEMA Student Identification (SID) Number for EMI Applications

APS Application for Certification


All Hazards Incident Management Team (AH-IMT) Information

Professional Development Series (PDS) Information

Advanced Professional Series (APS) Information 

National Incident Management System (NIMS) Information

Master Exercise Practitioner Program (MEPP) Information

Emergency Management Professional Program (EMPP) Information (includes Basic Academy, Advanced Academy, and Executive Academy)

Utah Safety Assessment Program (USAP) – To re-certify for the ATC- 20 Credential

All FEMA Training Programs Information

Utah Certified Emergency Manager / Utah Associated Emergency Manager (UCEM/UAEM)

2021 Training Calendar

We will continue to monitor the pandemic and provide updates to our in-person learning as information becomes available. We look forward to working with you to accomplish your future training goals.

Thank you for your consideration. Stay healthy and safe!

( * ) = APS Required Course and ( + ) = APS Elective Course

NIMS Independent Study Courses

IS-100     IS-200     IS-700     IS-800


Date Course # Course Name (Click on the course name for more information)
Location U-Train ID
3 Region 8 Active Shooter Webinar Virtual Govevents.com
8-11 K0103 K0103 Planning: Emergency Operations (4 / four-hour days) Monday-Thursday, 1-5 pm EST Virtual EMI
15-18 K0146 K0146 HSEEP (4 / four-hour days) Monday-Thursday, 1-5 pm EST Virtual EMI
22-Apr 2 K0101 K0101 Foundations of Emergency Management-  2 week period ( ten / four-hour days), Monday – Friday, 1-5 pm EST Virtual EMI
24 MGT- 462 FEMA Community Planning for Economic Recovery Training Virtual Blended NCDP
30-31 ICS-400 ICS-400 Advanced ICS Command & General Staff-Complex Incidents – Virtual Course Virtual Full
30-Apr 8 K0105 K0105 Public Information Basics- 2 week period (6 / four-hour days), Tuesday-Thursday, 1-5 pm EST Virtual EMI
5-9 K 2300 K2300 Intermediate Emergency Operations Center Functions Virtual Pending
13-22 K0102 K0102 Science of Disaster- 2 week period (6 / four-hour days), Tuesday-Thursday, 1-5 pm EST Virtual EMI
26-30 L0453 Advanced Academy III – Advanced Concepts and Issues in the Emergency Management Organization L0453 Virtual Full

Other Training Websites

FEMA Consortium Training Partners

NIMS Resources

2015 NIMS Data Collection Tool – To be used by State/County/City/Tribal EM Agencies

National Incident Management System (NIMS) Resource Center

NIMS Training Program

ICS Resources

ICS Resource Center

FEMA Resource Typing Toolkit

ICS Fillable PDF Forms

Self Populating ICS Forms Workbook ver. 3.2.3 – Developed by Texas IMT and Texas Forest Service

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