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How to Create a U-TRAIN account

Please contact rwarner1@utah.gov if you have any information you would like listed on this page.

AH-IMT Training Opportunities


To request an AH-IMT Position Specific Course please complete the Training Request form as well as this application.

 2022 AH-IMT Training Calendar

Date Course # Course Name Location U-Train ID
Postponed L-964 AH-IMT Academy Situation Unit Leader (SITL) Course Sandy, UT ID
Postponed L-967 AH-IMT Academy Logistics Section Chief (LSC) Course Sandy, UT ID
Postponed L-970 AH-IMT Academy Supply Unit Leader (SPUL) Course Sandy, UT ID
Postponed L-971 AH-IMT Academy Facilities Unit Leader (FACL) Course Sandy, UT ID
Postponed L-973 AH-IMT Academy Finance/Administration Section Chief (FSC) Course Sandy, UT ID

If you have completed one of the AH-IMT courses and are interested in working an incident as an trainee to work on PTB task sign offs, please send a request to rwarner1@utah.gov

Utah Incident Management Team Coordinating Council (UT-IMT-CC)

    • Membership – Please locate your region representative to submit a Letter of Intent or PTB.
  • Upcoming Meeting Dates
    • Virtual meeting Thursday May 19, 2022 10am – 12pm Mountain Time. Original date was changed due to scheduling conflict.



AH-IMT Position Task Books

Incident Commander (IC) Logistic Section Chief (LSC)
Public Information Officer (PIO) Communication Unit Leader (COML)
Safety Officer (SOFR) Supply Unit Leader (SPUL)
Liaison Officer (LOFR) Facility Unit Leader (FACL)
Operations Section Chief (OSC) Medical Unit Leader (MEDL-AH)
Division/Group Supervisor (DIVS) Food Unit Leader (FDUL-AH)
Strike Team/Task Force Leader (TFLD) Ground Support Unit Leader (GSUL-AH)
Generic Unit Leader PTB
Planning Section Chief (PSC) Finance/Administration Section Chief (FSC)
Documentation Unit Leader (DOCL-AH) Compensation/Claims Unit Leader (COMP)
Situation Unit Leader (SITL) Procurement Unit Leader (PROC)
Resources Unit Leader (RESL) Cost Unit Leader (COST)
Demobilization Unit Leader (DMOB-AH) Time Unit Leader (TIME)