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September 2020 Windstorm

On September 7 and 8, 2020, areas along the Wasatch Front sustained high winds topping at 100 mph. As areas continue to work to restore power and clean debris, local officials and homeowners can find further guidance regarding reporting damages, public assistance, and additional tools here.


COVID-19 Fact Sheets & Guidance

How to help with COVID-19
How to help in other disasters
President declares major disaster for Utah (information for public agencies)

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State of Utah emergency operations center is at activation level 1 full activation
Level 1 – Full Activation: Updated March 30, 2020. This status will change as needed. Click the image to go to EOC activation details.

Do you know Utah’s natural hazards?

Visit hazards.utah.gov, local government’s resource for knowing what can go wrong and how to fix it.

Click the image above to find state and local plans for how government plans to deal with avalanches, climate change, dam failures, drought, flood, earthquakes, severe weather, wildfires and more. You can also see where we, as a state need to improve. Local government can use this document to learn where to best invest tax dollars.

Utah Current Conditions Map

Find my Emergency Manager

The Great Utah ShakeOut

Mark your calendars for April 15, 2021, for the ninth Great Utah ShakeOut!

You can still be counted in the 2020 ShakeOut. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many groups did not hold drills together. If social distancing requirements are relaxed later this year, you are still welcome to hold a drill and have it counted in the 2020 ShakeOut total. Just update your registration at ShakeOut.org/utah.

More than 1 million Utahns participated in 2019. You can sign up your family, church group, business, school or workplace at ShakeOut.org/utah. In the mean time, you can upload photos, stories or videos to the ShakeOut website by logging into your profile. Take time to ramp up your preparedness by visiting our BeReadyUtah.gov program.

Since 2012, 7.6 million Utahns have participated in the Great Utah ShakeOut. You can also download your own banners to display on your website, blog or Facebook page from the Resources section of the site.

Want to know who’s participating? Here’s the list
Follow the ShakeOut on Twitter: @UtahShakeOut or by using the hashtag #shakeout. Check us out on Facebook, too.

Safety Topics

More emergency preparedness information at: 

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In 2017, Utah DEM achieved accreditation for the third time. Accreditation is valid for five years.
Utah DEM became a WRN Ambassador in 2015. Your organization can, too.

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