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Mitigation and Recovery

Mitigation and Recovery

When earthquakes, floods, wildfires and other disasters strike, Utah communities may find themselves in need of assistance . The Mitigation and Recovery team of the Utah Department of Emergency Services facilitates short-term help immediately after a disaster. They also help communities address long-term recovery needs and offer assistance in building resiliency.

Mitigation Plans

See Utah’s State Mitigation Plan, links to local plans and resources for creation a mitigation plan.

Natural Hazards

Get information on Utah’s natural hazards, including links to specific programs that address them.

Grant Programs

FEMA and other federal agencies offer programs to reduce community vulnerability to disasters.


Link to Utah’s Disaster Recovery Framework as
well various recovery programs.

Roles and Responsibilities of the
Mitigation and Recovery Team

  • Administering the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grant Programs
  • Administering the State Hazard Mitigation Program
  • Chairing the State Hazard Mitigation Team
  • Overseeing post-disaster mitigation operations and coordinate mitigation resources
  • Participating on hazard mitigation task forces, councils, and forums
  • Updating the State of Utah Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan
  • Conducting mitigation trainings, workshops, and exercises
  • Promoting local hazard mitigation planning
  • Conducting mitigation awareness campaigns
  • Providing technical assistance available to local jurisdictions
  • Facilitating a planning process
  • Ensuring public involvement criteria are met
  • Conducting risk assessments
  • Identifying and selecting mitigation strategies
  • Reporting grant-related activities
  • Requesting reimbursements from FEMA
  • Understanding environmental and historic preservation conditions