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Training and Exercise

The Utah Division of Emergency Management Training and Exercise Section provides support for emergency management related training and exercises to over 2,000 emergency management personnel, appointed and elected officials, affiliated volunteers and other first responders annually.

Participation in these training/exercise opportunities prepares these individuals and agencies to confront jurisdictional threats with specialized training in their specific areas and or roles.

  • We invite Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to assist our emergency management program as instructors and exercise controllers/evaluators.
  • We host Emergency Management Institute (EMI) and FEMA Consortium courses in Utah.
  • We regularly gather feedback through training and exercise evaluations.
  • We also capture best practices and deficiencies (gaps) in order to develop and improve emergency management personnel training and exercise design/evaluation within the State of Utah.

All of our activities within our section are designed to test and train participating agencies or jurisdiction’s personnel (including key public officials) with responsibilities in state and local emergency management programs.

Training and Exercise staff

Team email: dpsdemtrainex@utah.gov

Ronda Warner
Training and Exercise Manager
State Training Officer (STO), Exercise Training Officer (ETO)

Alden Orme
NIMS Trainer

Jeanie Webster

Exercise Trainer

Exercise Trainer