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Flood Reference Guide for Community Leaders


Link to DEM  Flood Reference Guide.
Identify where high flood risk areas are located FEMA Flood Map
DEM public website to learn more about flood risks in Utah https://floodhazards.utah.gov/
Flood Campaign Message Map – key messages for media
National Weather Service – Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Stream Gauge and Status
Natural Resource Conservation Service NRCS/USDA Snowpack Water Equivalency Map
NRCS/USDA Snowpack Water Equivalency Map
Reservoir Capacity and Storage
Central Utah Water Conservancy District Reservoir statistics
Dams and Reservoirs in Utah 
USGS Water Dashboard for real time stream gage information https://dashboard.waterdata.usgs.gov/app/nwd/en/?aoi=default
Be Ready Utah’s flood preparedness guide. Be Ready Utah is is the public outreach program of the Utah Division of Emergency Management.

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Level 5 Daily OperationsLevel 4 MonitoringLevel 3 Enhanced WatchLevel 2 Enhanced ActivationLevel 1 Full Activation
  • This year Utah has an above average snow pack, increasing the risk of spring flooding statewide. The Governor’s Office and the Utah Department of Public Safety Division of Emergency Management are leaning forward to provide flood preparation, response, recovery, and mitigation support to local communities statewide.
  • All disasters begin and end at the local level.  It is encouraged that local elected officials meet with emergency management officials at the city and/or county level and discuss preparedness messaging and mitigation activities that can be implemented immediately to enhance our ability to save lives and property.
  • Local jurisdictions have emergency managers and floodplain managers that DEM works closely with to support disaster related efforts. Community and agency leaders should coordinate with local and state subject matter experts on any technical, program, or disaster funding opportunities. DEM can help connect you to the right contacts.
  • Any work that will alter the bed or banks of a natural stream in Utah must obtain written authorization from the State Engineer. Know stream alteration permit requirements UT Code 73-3-29 & local DNR Officer for notification of emergency work occurring in streams. Work with Local Floodplain Administrators to ensure permitting requirements for the NFIP are being met.


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