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Bill Tracking 2018

Thank you, in advance, to the members of the Utah Legislature for the work you’ll do this session. The 2018 session starts Jan. 22, 2018, and runs for 45 days. Below is the list of bills we will be following. You can see the bills we tracked last year six links down. Learn about the Utah Legislature here.

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DEM at the Legislature

  • On January 29, DEM Director Kris Hamlet testified before the Legislative Management Committee about expenses from the Disaster Recovery Restricted Account. DEM has received reimbursement requests from a number of fire departments that deployed to California to support the wildfire fighting effort there.  Listen to the testimony here
  • On January 30, our GIS specialist, Josh Groeneveld, participated in the Maps on the Hill event in the Capitol’s rotunda to showcase GIS’s ability to tell a story.

Emergency Management Specific Bills Before the Utah Legislature – 2017

HB0194 Hazardous Materials Emergency Amendments
The bill provides that the Hazardous Chemical Emergency Response Commission (SERC) may recover from a negligent party expenses incurred by a political subdivision in a hazardous materials emergency
House Sponsor: Rep. Kelly B. Miles, R-Ogden
Status: Senate 2nd Reading Calendar


First Responder and Public Safety Bills of Interest

HB0013 Public Safety Peer Counseling Provisions
The bill provides for the creation of teams to provide peer support and counseling service within public safety agencies; requires that members of the peer support team receive training in accordance with POST guidelines for law enforcement officers, the State Fire Marshal’s Office for firefighters, and the Health Department for all other first responders; and prohibits the release of information obtained through peer counseling except in specified circumstances.
House Sponsor: Rep. Lee Perry, R-Perry
Status: Passed, draft of enrolled bill prepared

HB0059S01 Unmanned Aircraft Amendments
This bill defines “correctional facility;” prohibits flight of unmanned aircraft to drop anything into a correctional facility or interfere with its operations;
House Sponsor: Rep. Dixon Pitcher, R-Ogden
Status: Passed, bill sent for enrolling

HB0125 Duty to Assist in an Emergency
The bill makes it a class B misdemeanor to fail to provide assistance in the event of a crime or another emergency; amends provisions of the Good Samaritan Act to provide immunity from liability to a person who provides assistance in accordance with the requirements of this bill
House Sponsor: Rep Brian King, D-Salt Lake
Status: Failed in the House

HB0466 Wildland Fire Liability Amendments
The bill states that a person who negligently, recklessly, or intentionally causes a wildland fire shall be liable for damages and the cost of suppressing the fire; states that a person that causes a wildland fire through the operation, maintenance, or use of any instrumentality of the person’s shall be liable for all damages resulting from the wildland fire; states that a property owner who suffers damage from a wildland fire may bring an action to recover damages, costs, and reasonable attorney fees; provides a balancing test for a court evaluating a property owner’s request to restore property following a wildland fire.
House Sponsor: Rep Mike McKell, R-Spanish Fork
Status: Introduced

Public Employee Benefits and Retirement Related Bills




Other Bills of Interest


Bills of Interest – Not Yet Numbered

Legislator Bill Title Status
 Handy, S  Electronic Alert System Amendments  Abandoned