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Emergency Management Administration Council

The Emergency Management Administration Council was created to provide advice and coordination for state and local government agencies on government emergency prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery actions and activities.

The Council meets at least semiannually and its membership consists of:

Lt. Governor Deidre Henderson (co-chair)
DPS Commissioner Jess L. Anderson (co-chair)
DEM Director Kris Hamlet
and designees from the Attorney General’s Office, the State of Utah departments of Transportation, Health, Environmental Quality, Workforce Services, Natural Resources and Agriculture and Food, Utah National Guard, two representatives appointed by the Utah League of Cities and Towns, two representatives appointed by the Utah Association of Counties, two representatives appointed by the Utah Emergency Management Association and up to four other experts appointed by the council chairs.

All public notices for the public meetings for the Emergency Management Administration Council are posted on the State’s Public Meetings Notice website.

The council coordinates with the Utah Regional Coordinating Council, Statewide Mutual Aid Committee and the State Hazardous Chemical Emergency Response Commission (SERC).

The council may establish other committees and task forces as determined necessary by the council to carry out the duties of the council.