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What is Risk MAP? Contacts
The Risk MAP Program, standing for Risk Mapping Assessment and Planning, is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) program that provides communities with flood information and tools they can use to enhance their mitigation planning efforts and take action to better prepare their citizens. Through more precise flood mapping products, risk assessment tools, and planning and outreach support, Risk MAP strengthens local ability to make informed decisions about reducing risk.

Know your Risk. Know your role. Take action.

Utah’s Risk MAP Program collaborates with state, tribal and local entities, to deliver quality data via mapping that increases public awareness and leads to action that reduces risk to life and property.

Jamie Huff
Utah Risk MAP Program Manager

Kathy Holder
Utah Floodplain Coordinator
801-538-3332 kholder@utah.gov

Brooke Conner

Risk MAP Project Lifecycle


Project Planning

Selecting a Project Area
Discovery Meeting

Mapping & Data

Data Development
Flood Risk Review Meeting
Resiliency Meeting

Preliminary FIRM Issuance

Distribution of Maps and Data
CCO Meeting and Public Open House
90-day appeal period

Risk Assessment

Flood Risk Products

Effective FIRM and FIS Report Issuance

Map Adoption Period

Planning for Mitigation Action



Flood Risk Products

Regulatory Products

Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM)

Flood Insurance Study (FIS)

Non-Regulatory Products

Flood Risk Products Fact Sheet

Flood Risk Map (FRM)

Flood Risk Report (FRR)

Flood Risk Database (FRD)

Changes Since Last FIRM

Areas of Mitigation Interest

Flood Depth and Analysis Grids

Flood Risk Assessment Data


Utah Risk MAP Projects Funded or In Progress

Wasatch Front/Oquirrh Alluvial Fan Inventory Study 2017

Click below for an PowerPoint of the webinar presentation.

Watch the webinar here:


Click on this map to download a pdf version

PDF of DFRIM Status Map


  • Cache County
  • Davis County
  • Iron County
  • Jordan River Watershed (Salt Lake County)
    • Neff’s Canyon Study
  • Lower Weber Watershed (Weber County)
  • Provo River Levee Analysis
  • Upper/Lower Weber Watershed (Morgan and Summit Counties)
    • Morgan County (effective December 2017)
  • Utah County
  • Washington County
  • Great Salt Lake
    • Box Elder, Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, Tooele


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